Elphin and surroundings

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White stone


Twisted loch

Loch of the gravelly ravine
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River of Knockan’

Literally just "hillock, wee hill’", but Gemma Smith's research suggests it was originally Càthair a’ Chnocain, "the seat of Knockan."
Not be confused with Knockan Crags

Gemma Smith: "The Gaelic spelling is Ailbhinn, which Watson translates as ‘rock-peak’, taking the specific element to be beinn, ‘mountain’ given the stress on the second syllable. The possibility remains of ail fionn, ‘white rock’, or even aoil…

Spring of the Glen

Black hole of water

Cave of roaring

The well of the boar

The well of the lock

Grey hill

The wee pool

Ridge of the Bearberries

Crooked Loch

Rounded hill of the wee berries
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