Stoer and surroundings

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The field of the cairns

Village by the shore

Big gully

Behind the headland or behind the head of the dyke

Loch Cùl Fraoich
Lit. Back heather loch - needs more study

Loch of the gulley

Loch Poll an Droighinn
Blackthorn boggy place loch

Cove of the half-division

Red Cove

White Cove

Crest of the Guard (uncertain)

Old crag

Cave of the old crag

Cove of the Lambs

Cove of the people

Cove of the hand line (fishing) (uncertain)

Right (or South) ear

Sandy Cove

Divisions of the bay

Round black hill

River of the dulce (edible seaweed)

Hill of the Hind

Cursed Hill

Slope hill

Whistle (or plover) port
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