Loch Assynt


Loch Assynt


Loch Assynt and surroundings

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Speckled point

Rough mountain

Milking pail

Between the two Calda burns

The field of the Big Men

The loch of the monk

The ridge of the Loch of the monk

Smooth mountain

Hill of the narrow valley

Loch of the narrow valley

MacLeod's Loch

The hillock of the muddy place of the pigs

Hollow of the house of the knot of the wood

Torcuil's Meadow

The loch of Torcuil's Meadow

Dun coloured loch

Blue hillock

Willow Glen
One translation may mean "dirty", but the more likely meaning is "willow"

Heights of the beak of the bird

Heights of the beak of the bird
Note this name also occurs again nearby

The sheiling ground
Believed spelling error - the final M is incorrect

Loch of the sheiling ground

Loch of the Barn

Hillock of the grove of the rosary beads
(Note other place names in the area refer to monks, eg Lochan Mhanaich)

Kenneth's Sheiling
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