Gemma Smith on Assynt Place Names

Gemma Smith, a researcher at the University of Glasow, has, over the last several years, done some detailed, insightful and authoritative work on the place names, not just of Assynt, but of a large part of north west Scotland. 

Gemma's talks on this topic have been particularly well received. Her talk, essential viewing for anyone with an interest in Assynt place names, at one of the University of the Highlands and Islands' "History Talks" series can be seen either via this page or directly on a Youtube link here

The Assynt Field Club, having worked with Gemma before, was able to access funding through the Coigach and Assynt Landscape Partnership, as well as using their own funds, to ask Gemma to edit part of her work for use here in Assynt.  Further, the Assynt Field Club committee and Gemma have agreed that it would be appropriate to hold a copy of Gemma's work on this site.

Please see this link for the Assynt Field Club's web site regarding this work, together with further acknowledgements.

The intention now is for us to work through Gemma's work to add to the place names documented on this site.

We thank all involved for their generosity is making all this happen and for bringing this superb work to a broader audience.

Gemma Smith's documentation on Assynt place names is available as a record on this site here

How Gemma's work is used on this site:  The additions to the place names on this site that are the outcome of Gemma's work acknowledge Gemma in the "source" field of each such record.  Additionally, such records are tagged as "Gemma Smith".