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The loch of the mound of the shape/form/figure

Place name meaning not knowm

The mountain of the boggy place of the well.

Boggy place of the well

The White pass

Hillock of the deep channel

Loch of the deep channel

Slope of the Blackthorn Thicket

Loch of the slope of the Blackthorn thicket

Slope of the Bracken

Hillock of the Bones

Loch of the small Sheiling

The crag of the gully of the Picts (but see additional notes)

House of the crags

Summit, top

Stone with the hole

Pool Loch
Notable Assynt resident and Assynt Gaelic native speaker Ishbel MacAuley referred to this loch as Preas Loch, the loch of the thicket.

Pointy hillock

The small hill pasture

The rock of the seashore

The boggy place of the blackthorn
The fairy hill of the boggy place of the blackthorn

The loch of the autumn settlement
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