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  • Collection: Sheilings and Sheiling Names

Heather shieling

Hillock of the Sheilding of the Cairn

Red Sheiling, or Promontory Sheiling

Seann Airigh - Old Shieling

Hill Shieling

The Shieling

Mossy shieling

Shieling of the Pass

Sorley's (Somerled, Samuel) Shieling

Sheiling of the Driving (drovers' use) or the Cobblers

Sheiling of the mountain

Sheiling of the Bread

Stone(y) Sheiling

Heather sheiling

Road Sheiling

Stone(y) Sheiling

Shieling of the Brae (hillside)

Small shieling

Mossy Sheiling (Robin Noble notes Nicolaisen regards "sleibh" as referring to a saint)

Round hill shieling

Sheiling of good ground (possibly)

Sheiling of the flat topped hill (or hen coop)

Sheiling of the Priest

Thomas's Sheiling

Ruigh na Traid - Beach Sheiling
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