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Shieling of the cat

By kind agreement with the Assynt Field Club Committee, who gained funding through the Coigach and Assynt Landscape Partnership, as well as their own funds, Gemma's work is available on thiis site too.See…

Sheiling of the Cairn

Ruigh Chairn- Sheiling of the Cairn

Sheiling of the village

Sheiling of the juniper

Dark (mysterios) sheiling

Deserted Sheiling - or Sheiling of the parting (it is located on a watershed)

Ruigh na Traid - Beach Sheiling

Thomas's Sheiling

Sheiling of the Priest

Sheiling of the flat topped hill (or hen coop)

Sheiling of good ground (possibly)

Round hill shieling

Mossy Sheiling (Robin Noble notes Nicolaisen regards "sleibh" as referring to a saint)

Small shieling

Shieling of the Brae (hillside)

Stone(y) Sheiling

Road Sheiling

Heather sheiling

Stone(y) Sheiling

Sheiling of the Bread

Sheiling of the mountain

Sheiling of the Driving (drovers' use) or the Cobblers
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