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Little ridge

White stone

Pasture of the Stag


Wee burn of the quern stones

Narrow channel

Big slope

Little slope

Loch of the estuary

The Nest
An Nead

River of the tidal flats

Little valley

Twisted nose

Field of the bent grass

The loch of the autumn settlement

The boggy place of the blackthorn
The fairy hill of the boggy place of the blackthorn

Goat Island

Settlement of the Church

The pointed hill of the swans

Rock (semi-submerged) of the Kid (young goat) rock

Rock of the Kid (young goat)

The rock of the seashore

The small hill pasture

Pointy hillock

Pool Loch
Notable Assynt resident and Assynt Gaelic native speaker Ishbel MacAuley referred to this loch as Preas Loch, the loch of the thicket.
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