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Rowan Burn

Hillock of the birch pool

Birch pool

Pool of the bramble/blackthorn

Heather shieling

Dark Furrow

Wee rounded hill of the wild garlic bush

Wee burn of the dulse

Hill/heap of the nuts

Rounded hill of the wee berries

Field of the blaeberries

Crag of the Eagle

Crooked Loch

Ridge of the Bearberries

Bearberry Mountain

Bear Burn

Hill of the hind of the bear
But see Gemma Smith Pg 36

Spring of the Allt nan Uamh (Burn of the Caves)

Burn of the caves

Spring of the pass of Traligill

Plural of tuagh, meaning ‘axe’, but also ‘cut’.

See further details; Gemma Smith pg 35

From Còinne-Mheall, the gathering hill, but see Gemma Smith, pg 34 for a fuller and very interesting discussion

Slabby wee burn

Rough heaps
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